Alloy Wheel Repairs in South London


Alloy wheels can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of replacing them, especially if there are only minor scratches or dents. Our alloy wheel repair service can reduce the need to purchase replacement alloy wheels to refresh your car’s look completely. Our repairs are a fast, affordable, professional, and cost-effective alternative to traditional car body shops while providing the highest quality finish at a fraction of the price. A local body shop and repair specialist in Woolwich covers south London. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Alloy Wheel Repairs in London


We are a premier body shop and repair specialist based in Woolwich. We cover throughout London. You can repair alloy wheels for much less money than you would have to replace them, especially if only a few minor scratches or dents are present. You don’t have to purchase replacement alloy wheels to refresh the look of your car after using our alloy wheel repair service. The highest quality finish is provided at a fraction of the cost of traditional car body shops thanks to our fast, affordable, professional, and cost-effective repairs.

Alloy Wheel Repair Services in London


We specialise in alloy wheel repairs and refurbishments, and we only use leading brand high-quality products; this is reflected in the quality finish of our work and our many repeat customers.

Why replace your damaged alloy wheels when they can be repaired for a fraction of the cost?

We have an extensive range of colours and finishes available and can match any colour.

If you are looking for wheel restoration, you have found the right people and, more importantly, at the right price. Our service includes removing wheels and tyres and refitting them with new balanced wheels. It also has a one-day turnaround on most types of wheels and finishes.

What we do.


  • Chipped, scuffed, corroded and damaged wheels – all repaired
  • Custom colours available – many at no extra cost!
  • Transform the look of your car and increase it’s value!
  • Cracked wheels welded
  • Flat spots & buckles straightened
  • Fast turnaround – call us for a quote!
  • Simply drive your car in and we do the rest!

Our Services

Complete alloy wheel refurbishment including:

  • Minor to major scuff and corrosion repair
  • Full diamond cutting facilities
  • Flatspots and buckles straightened
  • Cracks welded
  • Leaking rims lathe skimmed and resealed
  • Tyres supplied and fitted
  • Trade services available
Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Examples Of Our Work

BMW BeforeBMW After
Audi BeforeAudi After
Rolls BeforeRolls After
Merc BeforeMerc After

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