Full aircon re-gas service

At Southside we offer a full Aircon re-gas service, the computerised system that we use completely drains, checks for leaks then refills the system at the same time it replaces the essential lubricants that all aircon systems need.

We can also add to this an interior a/c refresh, this is a gas that is sucked into the system from inside the vehicle, this refreshes the air in the cabin and kills the mould that all a/c systems make.

How much is an air con recharge?

The price you pay for an air conditioning recharge depends on the type of refrigerant gas your car uses. The vast majority of cars on the road in the UK use one of two types of refrigerant – R134A and R1234YF. If your air conditioning system requires R134A gas the cost to recharge is £39.95. For vehicles that require R1234YF gas the cost is £129.95 to recharge. It is not possible to switch between gases, in fact, the port to recharge R1234YF models is different to the R134A making it impossible to refill with the incorrect gas.

Air Con Re-Gas & Refresh

Air Con Re-Gas & Refresh

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